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Main Task

To undertake sefarer education and training in all levels in accordance with national and international legislations in order to increase the nation intelegence and welfare.


  • To design and implement plans, programs, education and training cooperation
  • To develop curricula and syllabi, teaching system and methods
  • To implement teaching and learning administration
  • To implement management, maintenance, and administration of equipment and facilities
  • To recruit and develop administrative, technical personnel, and instructors
  • To implement mental, moral, and discipline, guidance and counseling for students
  • To implement co-curricular, extracurricular activities, and society services
  • To design the BP3IP Business Strategic Plan
  • To design the Annual Business and Budget Plan
  • To promote the financial and technical official candidates
  • To implement employment, household, general and legal affairs, and society relationship
  • To manage financial and general administration
  • To manage supporting units
  • To implement internal inspection
  • To develop the Quality Management System